Kansas Day

Good Morning Everyone!!!

As you all know Kansas Day is coming up! There will be a Kansas Day Event at the Deines Cultural Center and I will be there!! January 27th will be grades 3-5 and January 29th will be grades K-2. The purpose is to help the youth understand and love our Kansas heritage through some “hands on experience”!!! Some of the stations include:

Campfire Singing

Wash Day – experience the hard work of washing clothes as a pioneer

Cowboy Corral – learn about the American Cowboy; his dress, his gear, branding, and roping

Hen House – Gathering facts from eggs to chicks

Grinding and Sifting – hands on work in the processing of grain

Break Making – an introduction to the science of bread making with hands one experience

and much more!!!

I can’t wait to see the kiddos out there! Have a great day!!