Grandma Izetta’s BBQ Sauce

    Hey everyone!! I had the privilege of eating lunch with some of the staff from the Russell County Sheriffs Department and the Russell Police Department yesterday afternoon. We were taste testing Grandma Izetta’s Roadhouse BBQ Sauce. Let me tell you it is absolutely delicious!!!

Izetta was a pioneer for women in buisness back in the 1930’s. She became the owner of Betty’s Place, a roadhouse resturant just outside Russell, Kansas, along with becoming the new owner of the resturant she also got the secret recipe for the BBQ sauce. The resturant was located on HWY 40 just west of Russell, the resturant thrived until the 1950’s when Interstate 70 was built and took nearly all road traffic away from Hwy 40.  As the years have gone on Izetta passed down the secret recipe to her only child, Hathalie. From then on Hathalie made big batches of the BBQ sauce and gave it our to her family and friends. Grandma Izetta’s BBQ Sauce has been going strong since!

If you would like to purchase this BBQ Sauce please contact:

Lindsley Lowell, 310-770-0494 or

For more information please go to:


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