Pheasants Forever Banquet

I just wanted to remind everyone about the Pheansant Forever Banquet that is this Saturday Night at the Russell Elks Lodge starting at 5pm.  I have been waiting all week for the Pheansant Forever Banquet so I can try to win a new gun for this year’s Pheasant Hunting in Russell County!! 

During the banquet there will be items being auctioned off.  Those items consist of Fine Art, Hunting & Fishing Items, and there will be 21 Guns that will be given away!!!  There will also be a Pretty in Pink Live Auction.  The Pretty in Pink Live Auction will consist of just for her- Pink Shotgun, Pink BG Logo Hat, Chaps, Shirt & Vest.  Throughout the evening there will be much more auction and raffles. 

Tickets for the banquet are still on sale at Sportsman’s Corner, Westside Propane & Convenience or any BG PF Member!!

For more information please contact 785-483-1627 or 785-483-3758.

I hope to see everyone there!! It will be great time and you will get to gather and network will fellow hunters!!!


“Storm Fury On The Plains”

I’m standing outside the Dream Theater, Downtown Russell, waiting for the Weather and Safety Presentation, “Storm Fury On The Plains” to start.  The presentation starts at 6:30pm to 9:00pm.
With the spring storms  just around the corner, I can’t wait to learn the basics of thunderstorms development, storms structure, the features to look for, and where to find them.  Storms have always interested me and now I can learn a little bit more about them. 
The session is a multimedia presentation, which will include detailed video.  The class will last about 1 1/2 to 2 hours and no registration is required.

I just wanted to remind everyone, if you are interested in learning about how storms development and what to look for, please don’t forget about the Weather and Safety Presentation, Tonight at the Dream Theater, Downtown Russell, starting at 6:30pm!!!

Hope to see everyone there!!!

Fossil Lake

I have been on Spring Break all week and today has finally been a nice day to do some fishing at Fossil Lake! Remember, you have to have a fishing license and you can only fish on the East side of the lake.

If you need something to do this weekend go out to Fossil Lake and catch a big fish just like I did today! I hope everybody has a great weekend!!!