Sportsman’s Corner

Me & my buddy McGuire!

Hunting supplies …… √ CHECK!
I am ready for hunting season in Russell County now!  I visited Sportsman’s Corner in Russell (231 E Wichita) where you can find guns, ammo, hunting license, clothing, and more!  McGuire, the store greeter, even helped me find what I needed and made my visit even more SPECIAL!  You will have to stop by Sportsman’s Corner just to see how big McGuire really is!  Who knows, you might just get a hug 🙂
You can check out Sportsman’s Corner at their 5th Year Anniversary Celebration this Saturday (Nov. 5).  Stop by for a hamburger or brat and check out the in store specials! Door prizes will be given away every half hour!  Come stock up for hunting season and help them celebrate! 

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