Hunt Russell County

Russell County has everything you need for this year’s hunting season!  I have been spending a lot of time out at Lasada Sporting Clays & Hunting Service sharpening up on my shooting.  I only have a few weeks to get ready (November 12th is opening day of Pheasant Season).  Russell County is a great place to hunt, but are you ready?  If not, I can help…..

Place to stay?….. Lasada‘s Black Swan Inn, Days Inn, Super 8, Russell Inn, Fossil Creek Inn & Suites. Contact 785-483-4000 for information on hunting lodges.

Hunting Supplies & Hunting License?….. Sportsman’s Corner, Home Oil Service (785-525-6366).

Maps and Hunting Guides….. Russell County ED/CVB office (785-483-4000)

DON’T FORGET YOUR ORANGE!  Visit Russell County for a great hunting experience! We have a lot to offer before, during, and after the hunt!

I stayed at the Black Swan Inn and it was AWESOME!


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