Happy Halloween

"Zombie" (Russ Co) recommends the Haunted Hotel! Lots of fun!

Don’t forget to take your kids to the HAUNTED HOTEL at Fossil Creek Inn & Suites TONIGHT!  I got a sneak peak to see what it was all about.  The kids will LOVE it!  They are only open from 4-6pm so make sure you come out early!  Be safe and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Hunt Russell County

Russell County has everything you need for this year’s hunting season!  I have been spending a lot of time out at Lasada Sporting Clays & Hunting Service sharpening up on my shooting.  I only have a few weeks to get ready (November 12th is opening day of Pheasant Season).  Russell County is a great place to hunt, but are you ready?  If not, I can help…..

Place to stay?….. Lasada‘s Black Swan Inn, Days Inn, Super 8, Russell Inn, Fossil Creek Inn & Suites. Contact 785-483-4000 for information on hunting lodges.

Hunting Supplies & Hunting License?….. Sportsman’s Corner, Home Oil Service (785-525-6366).

Maps and Hunting Guides….. Russell County ED/CVB office (785-483-4000)

DON’T FORGET YOUR ORANGE!  Visit Russell County for a great hunting experience! We have a lot to offer before, during, and after the hunt!

I stayed at the Black Swan Inn and it was AWESOME!

Northwest Kansas

You can’t say there isn’t anything to see in Northwest Kansas!  Russell County is an active member of the Northwest Kansas Travel Council and today the meeting was in Oakley.  I got to ride along with Amanda to the meeting and we stopped to see Monument Rocks (just South of Oakley). 
The Monument Rocks are formed from deposits left by the western interior sea that covered the area in ancient days. These large chalk formations are STUNNING!  If you are ever near Oakley, check them out.  You can learn more about places to explore in NW KS by “liking” Northwest Kansas Travel on Facebook.

ROAR Art Show

Greeting the public with Vera Dawson & Ida Eichman

Hello!  I got to join my friends Vera Dawson & Ida Eichman this morning at the ROAR (Russell’s Original Art Review) Art Show.  We greeted the public as they came in to view the BEAUTIFUL pieces of art.

This is just a glimpse of the interesting pieces on display

Make sure you stop by this weekend at the ROAR Art Show inside the 4-H building:

Fri. & Sat. – 9am-9pm

Sunday 9am-4pm


How well do you know your community? Could you answer these questions about your town?

Where is the Chamber of Commerce located?

What time are church services?

Where is the best fishing in the area?

You may take time out of your day to get to know interesting facts about your town.  Think about it….If you were asked a question about your community, could you answer it??  When people ask why you live where you do, ask why not?

The Russell Chamber and Russell Cty. Economic Development/CVB office hosted a Hospitality training that I attended yesterday.  The Kansas Dept. of Commerce was there to teach us about hospitality and what it means to be an Ambassador to our communities.  More classes like these will be offered in the future.  If you think you may be interested in attending a course like this contact the Russell Chamber or Russell Cty. Economic Development/CVB office.

Beautiful Fall Workout…..

Fall is in the air, so what better way to enjoy the beautiful FALL weather than a good workout!  This morning I headed out to Russell Regional Hospital’s outdoor walking trail.  What a great track!  They also have at least 7 different work out stations to work your legs, arms, abs, etc. I recommend you make a stop at the RRH outdoor walking trail!  I had a great workout this morning and I’m ready to tackle the rest of the week now!